ART+ collaborates with Australia’s most respected artists to produce public artwork that satisfies the specific requirements of the project and ultimately adds value to the public art investment.


The Portal

“The Portal” at John MacMillan Park commissioned by the Town of Victoria Park. The circular structure provides a focal point, a meeting place, a site for imaginative play, a social media moment and symbolises the new energy and new ideas. Bright, bold colour transitions across the circular form at a variety of tempos for maximum visual impact. When coordinated with the misting function of the work, as well as atmospheric conditions, an ethereal glow is dispersed from the circular structure to create an other worldly, gateway effect.


As the Entry Statement for the development, ‘Banksia’ acts as a notable vertical marker to the approaching traffic from numerous directions. Two giant stalks rise out proudly from the ground—not rigid and formal, but at undulating angles and seemingly playing with one another. Atop the stalks are unique forms that represent this wonderful native flora. This happy pair stand apart from the endless lines of streetlamps, unique and radiant, for Banksia reflects the changing light during the day and the floral forms become lanterns at night, providing a glowing, luminous landmark to the residents that enriches their existing sense of place.


North Perth Common will be a new public shared space located in the heart of the North Perth Town Centre, at the corner of Fitzgerald Street and View Street. Revitalising this public space and setting the stage for public activity, North Perth Common intends to engage people on both a physical and emotional level. The Rings dramatically assumes a role as both an artistic intervention within a distinctly urban setting, and as a unique and playful sensory experience for all those that encounter it. This type of urban intervention is borne out of a desire to influence the nature of the square below, evolving the space into an obvious and desirable platform for community life and so enhancing the North Perth locale.


A series of six artworks are strategic located with the new Courthouse and Police Complex. Art+ have taken a positive and optimistic approach to provide not just beautiful artwork but also a means to better understand the Aboriginal perspective. The artwork will become a powerful series that is rich in its purpose and meaning—that celebrates the past, present and future. This work is being done in collaboration with Sharyn Egan and Shane Hansen (Whadjuk Noongar Artists).


A thick shower of mist pours from the underside of the disc and bright purple light radiates from it. The interplay between water and light creates an experiential atmospheric effect that is both beautiful and mystical. The structure is secondary to the featured water and lighting elements and is intended to provide minimal distraction from the ephemeral and theatrical aspects of the work. Its scale and shape allow for whole body, physical interaction and engagement.


Connect South Mends Street will transform Mends Street to become the urban heart of South Perth and a destination for regional and international visitors. The feature of the Public Artwork is large projected images (10m in diameter) from four Gobo Projectors that surround the main piazza. The sequence of artwork, and accompanying audio, will create a dramatic performance that showcases Nyungar artwork, cultural and the particular importance of the foreshore and the greater Swan River to the Nyungar people. This work is being done in collaboration with Shane Hansen (Whadjuk Noongar Artist).


The Artwork has been commissioned by Banksia Grove Development Nominees to enhance the quality of the forecourt in front of Aldi. The grid of colour and dark grey is a reference to digital audio equalizers and its association to music. The cubist tower interacts with the public through music, light, and colour. The lighting responds to live or program sound/music. For example, a busker can play next to the artwork and the LED lights responds to the music being played. This offers a varied and multi-sensory experience to each of its viewers, showing the possibilities of mixing electronics and abstract sculptural art.


Co-artist: Sharyn Eagan (Whadjuk Noongar Artist).

Sharyn and Stephen were selected as one of three teams to provide concepts for 1TE. It was a high-profile competition to design a recognisable, significant and unique public artwork that welcome visitors to the Elizabeth Quay precinct. The iconic work of public art needs to be memorable, inspirational, exciting and reflective.


The metal lining to the soffit is perforated with intricate patterns that are reminiscent of foliage to create abstract flickering effect of sunlight filtering through the local Tuart tree canopies. As the visitors enter the golf course through the soffit, they will experience a sense of calm and wonder, as though walking through bushland among these spectacular Tuart tree giants. At night the Artwork will envelop the viewer, immersing them in beams of light to create an atmospheric sensation of light beams penetrating through the canopy’s foliage.


The ‘Jellyfish’ sculptures are lightweight, delicate and open. Their textured and permeable surface interacts with light and space, creating an enticing object in the landscape. The soft forms achieve a visual harmony with the surrounding nature and the man-made environment. It creates a sense of place with an intricate, calm and mysterious glowing form. At night, when viewers approach the ‘Jellyfish’, they will be surrounded by a glowing, lacy surface, where they can enjoy the detail and texture of Artwork while simultaneously viewing the expansive ocean, landscape and sky.

ART+ adds value by:


+taking a holistic and strategic approach

+understanding and supplementing the overall brand and marketing initiatives

+understanding and supplementing the architecture and/or landscape architecture

+collaborating with the design team to seamlessly integrate the artwork

+authentic place-making (portraying cultural and historic context)

+strictly adhering to budget and program

+providing façade and structural services within our typical scope of works

+providing specialist lighting and electrical services within our typical scope of works

+providing exceptional artistic creations that enhance the experience and perception of the development or precinct



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